City Clerk/City Hall

Christine A. Murley, City Clerk

227 Main Street PO Box 146

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146

Telephone: (319) 987-2905

Fax: (319) 987-2097

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Christa Kurtz, Deputy City Clerk

227 Main Street PO Box 146

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146

Telephone: (319) 987-2905

Fax: (319) 987-2097

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hours: Monday – Friday/ 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The above listed hours are normal business hours. Reduced business hours may be posted, as necessary, due to holidays, sickness, vacation, compensatory time, workshops/conferences, family emergencies, etc.




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Council Proceedings

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           October 13th, 2016 Special Council Proceedings

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          June 22nd,2015 Special Council Proceedings

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          July 9th, 2015 Council Proceedings

          August 3rd, 2015 Council Proceedings



Other Forms and Applications

           Automatic Payment Plan Pre Authorization Agreement Form

           Amendment to Current City Budget


           Application for Golf Cart Registration

           Application for Sidewalk/Driveway Construction or Removal Permit

           Community Garden Agreement

           Community Garden Rules & Regulations


Application for Employment -Pages 1&2

Application for Employment -Pages 3&4

Application for Employment -Page 5





105.06 SEPARATION OF YARD WASTE REQUIRED. All yard waste shall be separated by the owner or occupant from all other solid waste accumulated on the premises and shall be composted or burned on the premises, placed in City-approved bags and set out for collection by the City, or deposited at the City disposal site. As used in this section, “yard waste” means any debris such as grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, brush, and trees. Yard waste does not include tree stumps.

The City recently was charged approximately double ($400 vs. $200) for weekly landfill fees due to the contamination of yard waste in the garbage collected in our community and dumped at the Black Hawk County Landfill. Please separate your yard waste from your regular garbage! Citations may be issued for property owners/renters in violation of this ordinance (105.06).


55.06 AT LARGE PROHIBITED. It is unlawful for any owner to allow an animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the City.

“At Large” means an animal found off premises of the owner, not restrained within a motor vehicle, or housed in a veterinary hospital or kennel and upon the public streets, alleys, public grounds, parks within the city or private property of other citizens within the city; however, a dog or cat shall not be deemed at large if: (A) It is attached to a leash of sufficient strength and of not more than six feet in length and such leash is held by a competent person, or (B) It is accompanied by or at the side of the owner or competent person and obedient to the commands of the owner or competent person.

55.17 SANITATION. It is the duty of every person owning or having custody or control of an animal to clean up, remove and dispose of the feces deposited by such animal upon public property, park property, public right-of-way or the property of another person.





It is unlawful for any person to harbor or keep a vicious/dangerous dog within the city. A dog is deemed to be vicious/dangerous when it has attacked or bitten, without provocation, causing injury to or to otherwise endanger the safety of not only humans but also any other domestic animal, or when such property to attack or bite persons or other domestic animals is known or ought reasonably to be know to the owner. 


Ordinance  41.13 Fireworks    Page.1   Page. 2



Water Rates Service Ordinance 324

Water Rates Service Ordinance 325


Parking Regulations

Sidewalk Regulations

Street Use & Maintenance