First Responders

Traci Berry, First Responder Director

227 Main Street PO Box 146

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146

Telephone: (319) 987-3020


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Eric Ver Steegt  Day Crew Cheif

Angela Robinson Night Crew Chief

Emily Schuldt  Training Officer

Nicole Einck     Secretary

Randy Samec

Eli Wright

Kayla Johnson

Nikki Haan

Casy Giraud 

Missy Buesman

Will Schult

Mackenzie Kuhn  -Trainee

Catlin Leytham - Trainee

Nick West - Trainee


Michele Devlin*

Mark Grey *

Dan Yehieli *

* Notes Associate Member, Associate Members are members with current EMR level or higher training but are not included in normal call rotation due to being outside the coverage call area for long periods of time or other various reasons. These members may attend and be given credit for training, respond to service calls, and perform other duties of full members for the benefit of the organization.



Are you looking for a way to volunteer and give back to your community? The
Janesville 1st Responders are looking for men and women to join our group. We
will pay for your Emergency Medical Responder certification in return for a 2
year commitment to our group. If you are currently a Registered Nurse, no
additional certification is required!
First Responders, also called Emergency Medical Responders, are certified
workers who arrive to help in emergency situations, after 911 is called for a car
accident, medical assistance, a natural disaster or when emergency crews are
needed at any time. First Responders are trained to assess the situation,
provide medical and, often, lifesaving aid when needed, and keep the situation
under control until an ambulance arrives. Being a First Responder is an
extremely rewarding way of volunteering, as you will play a crucial role in
protecting and helping your friends and neighbours with emergencies of all
kinds. You will also be joining a tight-knit group of men and women dedicated to
providing life-saving services for our community. As a volunteer Emergency
Medical Responder, you can expect to attend one meeting per month and that
will include all of the training sessions necessary to keep your certification. Call
schedules are flexible as we provide 24/7 care to those in need.
If you are interested in joining the Janesville 1st Responders, or would like more
information about becoming part of our group please contact Traci Berry by
email at or by phone (319) 987-3020 or Nicole
Einck at or by phone 319-290-6779.
Thank You!
Traci Berry
Janesville 1st Responder Director



Click to download a First Responder Application Form