Water Rates & Sewer Charges

**  Water Rates & Sewer Service Changes Have Increased  (Article published on 11/22/17) **

  Just a reminder to all city residents, the new rate increase was put into affect on the November 2017 city bill. The "DS" stands for Debt Service, which is a flat fee for the Barrick Road Water Improvement Project.  This is a fee that is charged to all service lines connected to city water. Please call the City Clerks Office at (319)987-2905 with any questions or concerns.


** Water Rates & Sewer Service Charges Increasing **  (Article Published on 9/15/15)

The city has and will continue to experience increased operational costs for the city's water and sewer systems, including the purchase of bulk water from Centrral Iowa Water Association, and for the proposed Barrick Road Water Improvement and Sewer Lift Station Installation Projects.  To offset these rising costs, the Council has proposed a 35% increase in water rates and a 20% increase in sewer service charges.  Listed below are the ordinances. 

Ordinance #324

Ordinance #325

Water Rate Comparison Spreadsheet


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Janesville Park and Safe Routes Concepts

Master Plan for Janesville Park and Safe Routes Concepts

City officials are working hard on safe routes for children to get to school and back home.  Ideas include updating the sidewalks, the new pedestrian bridge across the Cedar River, and a 4-way stop sign at N. Maple and W. Barrick Road. Funding is currently underway to help complete these projects but will take a little time. Please be patient as Janesville works hard to make a safer community for all!

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Janesville Veteran's Memorial

Project Complete!

The offical unveiling of the New Memorial Project was held on October 27th, 2013 at the Janesville Riviera Roose Community Center. The program included honoring Veterans and thanking donors.  The colors were presented by American Legion Post 522.  Bricks can still be purchased for any veteran either resident or non resident of Janesville.

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Barrick Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Project

 Project Complete!

The Barrick Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge officially opened the summer of 2014! A special dedication ceremony was held on Sunday August 10th, with Angie Hjelmeland speaking about the road she traveled to bring the bridge to life and also a brief speech from Mayor Sandi Carroll and former Mayor Jim McKay.