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Established in 1917 The Janesville Fire Department, also known as Janesville Fire-Rescue, is a group of volunteers, separate from the First Responders, who are professionally trained and provide a variety of firefighting and rescue services for the City of Janesville and surrounding area, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Current Serving Members include, 


Ryan Bloes                   Chief                                                        Serving Since 03/15/2010

Greg Kiene                   Assistant Chief                                         Serving Since 01/21/1991

Kelly Olson                  1st Captain / Safety Officer                      Serving Since 09/03/2014

Heath Humpal             2nd Captain / Training Officer                  Serving Since 09/04/2014

Zebb Muehling            3rd Captain / Assist Safety Officer            Serving Since 08/21/2017

Jeff Mather                 4th Captain / Assist Training Officer         Serving Since 2022

Cory Dungey               1st Lieutenant                                            Serving Since 06/18/2018

Jeff Conover                2nd Lieutenant                                          Serving Since 05/17/2004

Mike Bolt                     Secretary                                                   Serving Since 2022

Mark Friedrich             Treasurer                                                  Serving Since 02/17/2020

Tim West                                                                                       Serving Since 04/17/1989

Lance Woodyard                                                                            Serving Since 01/01/1992

Dave Flood                                                                                     Serving Since 1996

Mike Carroll                                                                                  Serving Since 01/28/2007

Tom Billingsley                                                                             Serving Since 08/18/2008

Matt Noelting                                                                               Serving Since 10/15/2012

Bryce Destival                                                                              Serving Since 06/18/2018

Mike Borwig                                                                                 Serving Since 02/17/2020

Jay Kimble                                                                                    Serving Since 07/20/2020

Drew Boldt                                                                                   Serving Since 2022

Loren Tolnai                                                                                 Serving Since 2022

Eric Green                                                                                    Serving Since 2022

Scot Ernst                                                                                    Serving Since 2022


Ryan Bloes, Fire Chief 

227 Main Street PO Box 382

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146



2023 Stats

-39 Calls for service

2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan for Bremer County


Other Helpful Information

-Please remember to take a little time to trim any trees or shrub that interfere with trucks making it into your driveway.


-Make sure your 911 signs or house numbers are visible from all angles.

-Replace faded/missing house numbers

-For rural addresses, If you share a driveway with multiple residents where house numbers are all bundled together at the end of the driveway, consider placing a house number on your house itself.

-Google/Map out your own address and see if it pings correctly. 


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