Established in 1917 The Janesville Fire Department, also known as Janesville Fire-Rescue, is a group of volunteers, separate from the First Responders, who are professionally trained and provide a variety of firefighting and rescue services for the City of Janesville and surrounding area, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Current Serving Members include, 

Tim West                           Fire Chief                                             Serving Since 04/17/1989

Ryan Bloes                       Assistant Chief                                     Serving Since 03/15/2010

Greg Kiene                       1st Captain/Training Officer                 Serving Since 01/21/1991

Chris Renner                    2nd Captain                                          Serving Since 05/17/2004

Kelly Olson                       3rd Captain                                          Serving Since 09/03/2014

Mike Carroll                     4th Captain                                          Serving Since 01/28/2007

Bryce Destival                  1st Lieutenant                                      Serving Since 06/18/2018

Jeff Conover                     2nd Lieutenant                                     Serving Since 05/17/2004

Cody Stoos                       3rd Lieutenant                                      Serving Since 10/15/2012

Zebb Muehling                  4th Lieutenant                                     Serving Since 08/21/2017

Cory Dungey                     Secretary                                             Serving Since 06/18/2018

Mark Friedrich                  Treasurer                                             Serving Since 02/17/2020

Dave Flood                                                                                    Serving Since 05/20/1990

Lance Woodyard                                                                            Serving Since 01/01/1992

Tom Billingsley                                                                             Serving Since 08/18/2008

Aaron Anderson                                                                            Serving Since 07/05/2011

Tanner Cheeseman                                                                       Serving Since 07/05/2011

Matt Noelting                                                                               Serving Since 10/15/2012 

David Jones                                                                                   Serving Since 09/01/2014

Cory Olson                                                                                    Serving Since 09/02/2014

Heath Humpal                                                                              Serving Since 09/04/2014

Mike Borwig                                                                                 Serving Since 02/17/2020

Jay Kimble                                                                                    Serving Since 07/20/2020

Tyler Parker                                                                                 Serving Since 07/20/2020

Tony Delgado-Connor                                                                   Serving Since 08/17/2020

Shelby Bellinger                                                                           Serving Since 09/21/2020


Tim West, Fire Chief 

227 Main Street PO Box 382

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146



2020 Stats

-56 Calls for service

-31 Birthday drive by parties

-1,200 man hours in training

-Added 6 new firemen to the roster

       (All currently taking Fire Fighter 1 Class at 180 hrs /person)

-Replaced 25 helmets and 8 full sets of bunker gear, 10 sets of boots

-Installed a new extractor(washing machine) for properly cleaning PPE

Other Helpful Information

-Please remember to take a little time to trim any trees or shrub that interfere with trucks making it into your driveway.


-Make sure your 911 signs or house numbers are visible from all angles.

-Replace faded/missing house numbers

-For rural addresses, If you share a driveway with multiple residents where house numbers are all bundled together at the end of the driveway, consider placing a house number on your house itself.

-Google/Map out your own address and see if it pings correctly. 


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